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Guangzhou sampling bags, leather goods brand Puma 361 - Red Dragonfly banleno li
Time: 2012-8-25    Click rate: 1540

  On August 31, the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce released a random inspection report on the quality of tradable goods in the second quarter of 2018 on its official website. According to the report, in April 2018, the Bureau conducted a random inspection of 20 categories of household appliances, mobile telephones, and mobile power supplies sold on the Hunan market, involving a total of 1912 sample products and 665 unqualified products. The overall failure rate is about 34.8 %.
Sofie, hemisphere and other brands on the black list
In the data released by the Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Sanxiang Metropolis Daily Huasheng Online Reporter found that although the failure rate of maternal and infant products, household appliances, and other commodities that are closely related to consumer daily life is relatively low, it remains at 20 %. About, But there are some well-known brands that consumers know and love.
For example, the total number of bacterial colonies detected in the "Sophie" "Extreme" series of 5 pieces and 35cm standard sanitary napkins sold by Ningxiang Renrenle Department Store Co., Ltd. and produced by Yuni Jia Daily Products(China) Co., Ltd. was exceeded. This easily causes users 'skin infections. This causes inflammation; The total number of bacterial colonies and total number of fungal colonies were detected in the Xingsha Coco Mother and Child Life Museum sales in Changsha County and the Mibei brand Babou Light and thin series of papyrus tablets produced by Baijijia Health Products Co., Ltd. in Henan Province.
It is worth mentioning that the well-known small household appliance brand "Hemispheric" has become the most frequently exposed brand on the "black list" of substandard household appliances. According to the list of unqualified products for household appliances, of the 43 unqualified products, there are 5 brand products, including rice cookers, smart electric pressure cookers, electric kettle and other categories.
Among them, many items such as input power and current, power supply connection and external soft line were found to be unqualified in the hemispheric rice cooker produced by Jiali Electric Co., Ltd. in Wangcheng District of Changsha City. The Hemispheric intelligent electric pressure cooker produced by zhujun electric operation Department of zhuhui district of hengyang city and zengsheng electric appliance Co., Ltd. were detected as unqualified power connection and external soft line, which brought safety hazards to consumers.
Partial stationery or health effects
As we enter the school year in September, the quality and safety of children's toys and student products that are in more frequent contact with children are of particular concern to consumers. According to the survey data released by the Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, of the 150 products inspected, 118 were qualified products and 32 were unqualified products, with an unqualified rate of 21.3 %.
In the list of unqualified products for children's toys, the Sanxiang Metropolitan Daily Huasheng Online reporter found that prominent parts such as electric rail vehicles, traffic toys, return toys, and toy car kits that are popular with children in toys are not qualified., accounting for 11, This is extremely easy to play in the process of children's personal safety risks.
In the list of unqualified products for student supplies, the blue fruit student plastic set 4 pieces sold by Loudi Nobel Book Culture Media Co., Ltd. were found to be substandard in the migration of specific elements, and the SUISSEWIN brand backpack sold by Gaoxin Bohai Bookstore in Yiyang City was detected. The oscillation impact performance is not up to standard. The hobby brand neutral pen sold by the Lotus Brothers Style Products 2 shop in Fuling County was found to be unsafe and not up to standard.
It is understood that stationery such as a ruler needs to be mixed with basic materials such as plastics and metals during the production process. These additives often cause harm to the user's body due to the presence of harmful and toxic heavy metals. For example, children's toys and student stationery are not up to the test, which means that children through the skin, eye contact or even mouth, chewing and other movements, may lead to some high concentrations of harmful elements into the body, which will affect their healthy development.
Adult clothing over 50 % unqualified
According to relevant information released by the Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the hand-held electric tool products were sampled from 87 samples from 44 distribution units in Zhuzhou, Changde, Hengyang and Yueyang. 66 groups, the non-conformity rate is as high as 75.9 %. Its main problems are signs and specifications, components, power connections and external soft lines, and grounding devices that do not meet the standards.
The waterproof coil products were sampled from 13 groups of 8 distribution units in Hengyang and Yueyang, and 8 groups were unqualified. The unqualified rate was 61.58 %. The main problems are that the maximum peak tension, maximum peak time extension, low temperature flexibility, and tensile length do not meet the standard requirements.
Adult clothing commodities sampled 120 samples from 53 distribution units in Changsha, Shaoyang, and Huaihua. The unqualified rate was 54.2 %. Its main problems are product use instructions, fiber content, acid perspiration color fastness, alkali perspiration color fastness, friction color fastness, pH value, seam performance, seam crack degree, back of the crotch seam strength does not meet the standard requirements.