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Beijing Bureau of Industry and Commerce issued a black list of unqualified mobile phones, 34 batches of inferior mobile phones 32 batches of
Time: 2012-7-16    Click rate: 1504

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce released the results of the quality inspection of the communications equipment sold in the city this morning and found that 34 batches of digital mobile telephones such as "aloes" and "TETC" were of unsatisfactory quality. The main issues involved are that ESD disturbance resistance, connection device, electrical strength, and 0.2 Ita discharge do not meet the relevant standards.
In this test, with the exception of two batches of products that are nominally produced by Chongqing Bailifeng Technology Co., Ltd., other products are produced in Shenzhen.
The reporter found that of the 34 batches of unqualified mobile phones found in this inspection, 28 batches of "0.2 ItA discharge" failed. It is understood that the short discharge time of the battery will lead to the rapid discharge of the battery during general use or during the call, requiring more frequent charging, affecting normal use, and also shortening the battery life.
The resistance to electricity is an important indicator for assessing whether parts and materials of communication equipment will leak electricity when they are energized. The failure of resistance to electricity will cause the mobile phone to suddenly fail when it is used normally, which may lead to the user's electric shock. danger. There are 18 batches of products in this sample inspection. The project is not qualified.
In addition, the lack of interference resistance of electrostatic discharge may result in automatic shutdown of communication equipment, interruption of calls, automatic restart, display of black and white screens on the screen, or garbled, touch screen functions or key function loss, which may seriously affect normal use.
In this test, The "aloes" GSM digital mobile phone produced by Shenzhen Orosco Technology Co., Ltd., the "leaf" TD-LTE digital mobile phone of Chongqing Bailifeng Technology Co., Ltd., and the "SanCup" of Shenzhen Cool Times Technology Co., Ltd. "SanCup" H8000 Jin Ba GSM digital mobile phone and other products are not qualified.
The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce also found that Shenzhen Gongmi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., "Gongmi" F9TD-LTE digital mobile telephone and other six products have quality problems and can not contact the nominal enterprise through the address and contact method of the commodity label. Consumers are advised to purchase carefully.